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Defensive Pistol - Low Light Shoot


Note: Any questions related to the information below may be directed to the Match Director, Kevin, at kevin@brcv-gun.org.
Objective:  To test defensive skills under low or no light conditions.The Low Light shoots are not IDPA and will not strictly follow IDPA Course of Fire guidelines.

Rules and Regulations:  All IDPA safety, equipment, gun handling, and scoring protocols will be used with the following exceptions. 

No new shooters. The Low Light matches have a limited time to be completed as well as special safety concerns so we will not be breaking in new shooters. Unless I am contacted prior to an event and am convinced to my satisfaction that an exception should be allowed, shooters are expected to have participated in at least one of our IDPA matches  in order to have an understanding as to what is expected as far as range etiquette and the location of muzzle safe points.

Safety:  The 180-rule will be enforced. Only Safety Officers, Score Keeper, and the Shooter will be allowed down range.  While down range, shooter is either shooting or resetting.  Do not pick brass until after the match.

Cover:  Cover requirements will be increased to optimal use of existing cover and you may squat. 

Scoring:  Unless otherwise specified scoring will be Vickers according to normal IDPA rules. Parker Count, Vickers with a Par Time, may be used so as not to discourage the use of cautious clearing technique on stages requiring it. 

Targets:  Threat indicators will be used to indicate shoot targets, however, a target with both a threat indicator and LEO indicator is a no-shoot.  Reactive targets such as Balloon Droppers, Tactical Teds, etc. may be used. Be prepared for any condition.

Equipment:  Night sights are permissible so long as they are practical for all day carry.  Night Vision, Lasers, or other electronic enhancement will not be allowed for competition purposes but may be used so long as they are safe.  In other words, shooter will not be shooting for score.   Flashlights must be of a practical nature, hand held and suitable for all-day wear.  LEO may use duty light. If Flashlight is attached to gun it comes under the enhancement category, stated above, and will not be shot for score. When downrange, use flashlight only during course of fire or as directed by Safety Officer. No Tracer or similar type ammo is permitted.

Per local ordinances we may not shoot after 9:00 pm, so match must be completed before then. So get your Karma together and do your meditating at home and come to the line ready to shoot.      


I would like the low light shoots to be dedicated to the memory of Hugh "Bert" Bailey who passed away in August 2005 and for whom the night matches always held special meaning.